Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Obama’s Strategy

During the election campaign when Obama was being attacked, his supporters urged him to counter attack. He ignored them, didn’t attack, held the moral high ground and won because of it.

After the election and swearing in, he took on a full agenda of programs. He had health care, the financial crisis, GM and the auto problem, Iran, plus others front and center. His supporters, and some who weren’t, said he couldn’t accomplish his goals unless he selected one or two programs to concentrate on. He didn’t pay any attention to that advice either.

I think I see his strategy.

There are only so many hours of critical cable pundits and news broadcast a day. There are only so many print outlets that will criticize him. He’s decided to offer them a multiple number of programs to attack with the knowledge that his opponents either have to select one or two programs to focus their attacks on or split their effectiveness by trying to attack ALL his programs.

He has succeeded in that his opponents have been unable to coordinate their attacks because of their individual primary issues and ideologies. The results is, yes much criticism, but no concentrated attack on any one program.

Even those that attack him on all his different programs come off as nasty cranks, rather than dispensers of information. He wins again.

Add to all this mix the random daily events that impact America and there isn’t sufficient broadcast time or print coverage for others to define who he is and how his programs will hurt their various special interests.

Further, by appearing regularly on TV, he keeps the public on his side by showing he wants them to remain informed about what he and government is doing.

This guy is operating from a playbook that those inside the Washington beltway don’t even know exists because he’s not following THEIR rules.

Think about the Clinton health care plan in 1993 and how it was defeated by their opponents being able to all focus on that one topic.

Obama was paying attention.

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