Thursday, February 11, 2010

The people with the answers

Following the health insurance debates, it has occurred to me that everyone had been missing the mechanism that could provide a satisfactory resolution of this problem.

Those who criticize the health insurance proposal being offered have the answer in their own criticism and yet no one appears to have considered listening to them.

Many of the criticisms are merely there to present stumbling blocks to implementation of any alternative, others (probably most) are general broad brush statements focusing on policy level objections without any detailed specific suggestions for implementation. BUT, a significant number might pass muster in combining an objective criticism with an alternative worked out in a level of detail that could be a valid stepping stone to an objective solution.

It was the same in 1993 with the Clinton proposal. Everyone spent their time defending against the criticisms instead of objectively examining the criticism as an opportunity for improving the project.

I’ve found it amazing how many feel comfortable in criticzing without offering a solution. I’m even more amazed in how passive proponents of health insurance reform have been in not demanding problem solution details from the critics.

The Democrats seem to have either no spine to push back or so little confidence in their proposals they are unwilling to even consider critics’ objections and proposed solutions.

Let’s be willing to compromise and highlight who isn’t.

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